Work gets in the way

 of a good hobby.

I managed to use around half a can of Plus Gas on the fuel pump/filter housing, just to free up the fittings. Thinking I would need a lot more before I’m finished and considering the state of the mounting plate, I thought I’d look at replacing it instead of trying to clean this one up. That despite ordering a new fuel pump and replace the filter anyway, plus all the rubber hoses.

With the tank is finally drained and dry, I'll clean it all out over the next few weeks. I want to leave it somewhere nice & dry while I'm doing other work so hopefully the bubbles on the tank will reduce a little. It didn't have e5 in it, taken off the road prior to the introduction of e5 fuel, so the few bubbles it does have may be here to stay - It's got two chances...

Other than starting spending money on a new pump and gasket for the pump plate, I've also managed to get hold of a single sided paddock stand with a pin that fits the Daytona for the princely sum of £20.

A bit more work over the weekend & Daysie is on the bench.

I thought I'd struck lucky when I saw a clean looking fuel plate on a well known auction site for a reasonable price, so bought it. It wasn't until I had a really good look at it a few weeks later I realised there are two different fuel pump plates, a 14 hole plate & a 10 hole plate. You guessed it, I needed a 10 hole one & bought a 14 hole plate.   

Looks like I'll be refurbishing the 10 hole one I already have then. I've yet to clean out the inside of the fuel tank but have unblocked the vent pipe & air pipe that runs through the tank. Both were blocked so I had to carefully drill them out, a dodgy process anyway as I didn't want to pierce the pipe inside the tank.

I also removed the radiator, which is more seive than anything else, as I found out when I flushed it through with clean water. There's a company, Murcia Radiator repairs who repair/re-core radiators for far less than the cost of a new one and probably safer than buying second hand, so once it's packaged up, I'll be sending it off to them.

I also checked the fan and sadly, it's pretty much seized - the fun part will be finding a replacement. It's on the bench at the moment soaking in Plusgas. I rigged up a couple of leads and connected it direct to the Trophy battery and the motor actually works, but there's a bit of a grinding noise. It maybe just full of corrosion which is why the Plusgas, so all may not be lost, except the split washer, that pinged across the garage when I took it off and IS lost.

I removed the exhaust too which aside from a good clean seems to be ok. there's a little rattle of rust coming from the can but there is on both Tabitha and Tallulah's exhausts, so I'm not going to worry about that.

I think the next job is going to be giving everything a good clean, starting with a hoover to remove the cobwebs - pretty much what I had to do with Tabitha then... 

Remember I mentioned getting the radiator re-cored? Well that didn’t go to plan. Phoned up a company who re-cores rads but not only did they quote a min of £280, the bloke I spoke with called me 'love'. Not sure if he was assuming gender or sexual orientation, but when I told him if he had to call me anything, I'd prefer 'Sir' , he was not exactly helpful.

Anyway, I found a rad on line for £70 from National Triumph. Also ordered a headlight as one of the mounting brackets was broken on the one attached to the bike.

I've removed the subframe as the paint is flaking. I'll take that off to be powder coated together with a few other bits next month.

The rear undertray needs a good clean before it goes back on as does pretty much all the mechanical bits under the body work.

Not sure yet whether to keep stripping or start cleaning. Whatever I do, I'll need a bigger socket for the rear wheel nut, the biggest I have is 36mm & the nut is 46mm I believe.

And so begins the wallet emptying saga that is Daysie in ernest.

Maybe it's just as well I do have a job.