Making a start

on what could be a long job

Today is the day I start to clean the bike. First task was to hoover the cobwebs and other detritus that’s accumulated over the years.

The next task was to spray the fuel tank lock with WD40, I don’t usually use the stuff, but I had it in my hand for another task so used it. (yes, I know I said in one of my earlier posts that I don’t have it in my workshop, but I did find an old can tucked away under a rack).

The other task was to remove seat and the remainder of the fairing panels and start cleaning them up. The WD40 was used to clean off the residue left by the gaffer tape I’d used to attach a makeshift number plate to the back of the bike when we brought it home. A quick squirt of WD40, leave it for 5 minutes and the residue just wipes off. These panels were then cleaned with fresh water, followed by #Muc-Off and finally, a polish with #Autoglym car polish. The panels came up a treat, as did the fuel tank, although I did notice a few paint chips on the left side.

Another go at the fuel filler cap but it still didn’t unlock.

Photo showing fuel tank & ripped seat
The work begins

I also removed the battery to put it on charge & see what condition it’s in, and the rear brake calliper from the bike so I could free up the wheel. This allowed me to check the gearbox. By rocking the wheel back & forth enabled me to run through the gearbox, 1 – 6 and back again and despite the engine/gearbox not being turned over for at least 3 years, it seemed to go through the gears easily. However, I can confirm that the clutch doesn’t work.

The last thing I did was to put the rear fairing back on, mainly because I’m having space issues & there’s nowhere else to put it where it won’t get in the way.